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Oleksandr Ivaniniv, CEO

I am Oleksandr, Director and founder of the IBS company.
Let us start our dialogue with several seemingly easy questions: What does marketing mean for your company? Is it just handing out leaflets, or maybe billboard advertising? Who decides upon the ways of promotion for your product and upon its core value? Finally, the most common question: who is your target audience?

I could be asking these questions for a very long time. However, visiting our site means that you are on the right path to find answers. First and foremost, marketing does not consist in handing out leaflets or radio and billboard advertising; it is not even defined by promotion of the company using state-of-the-art Internet methods. These are all just means to an end. Marketing means a complex of methods, a big picture, strategy and tactics, a whole “orchestra” of various “instruments” aimed at achieving your goal. If you want to launch Internet, radio, or any other kind of advertising, but have no desire to look at the big picture, we will not be able to help you.

We are aiming our efforts at analyzing your company as a whole – from consumer research to lead processing. The whole range of marketing tools is employed in our work for maximum effect. However, the main thing is not launching an advertising campaign, but looking for and eliminating weak points in the purchase funnel.

Having analyzed the state of the market, I found that the number of personnel in Ukraine has decreased significantly, while talent has become much more specialized. Where previously a marketing manager was able to generate content, set up and adjust contextually targeted advertising, as well as perform simple designing tasks, now, when you hire a marketing manager, they will only be coordinating marketing purchases. In any event, you have to pay extra for the services of highly specialized professionals, or recruit a designer, an SMM manager, contextual advertising manager, etc. Unfortunately, the current circumstances are such that few small or medium-sized businesses can afford to increase the number of personnel. Still, such businesses must also have their chance to stay afloat and grow. Thus, I have developed a complex of marketing services to give such companies every opportunity to develop. These services are described below. We will gladly help to develop and propel your business towards greatness.

Thank you for your time,
Oleksandr Ivaniniv, CEO

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