Outsourced Marketing Manager

If you cannot seem to find a highly qualified marketing manager, while the job candidates that do meet your requirements ask for a compensation you cannot afford to pay (given additional contractor-related expenses), choose our comprehensive Outsourced Marketing Manager offer.

The Outsourced Marketing Manager is a quality alternative to an on-staff marketing manager and several contractors you would have had to hire additionally, such as a designer, SMM manager, targeting manager, SEO promoter, content manager, and a specialist in context advertising, targeted banners and other promotion tools.
The Outsourced Marketing Manager offer helps you to save time and money. You interact with a single account, which coordinates a whole team.

The Outsourced Marketing Manager service includes:

  • Developing a marketing strategy to promote a product or service
  • Developing messages, creative content, printed materials, copywriting, developing and preparation of an existing website for sale and search engine optimization
  • Media planning, budgeting and implementation of comprehensive promotion campaigns
  • Working with such advertising tools as contextual advertising, targeted banners, outdoor and indoor advertising, targeted social media and mobile advertising, leaflet distribution, advertising on non-standard carriers
  • Advising call center employees (or customer service managers) on how to communicate with prospective clients
  • Conversion analysis, reporting on performance and budget (plan/actual format)

This list is not exhaustive. If necessary, we could arrange a conference or a corporate party for you or prepare a memorable welcome for your business partners. The Outsourced Marketing Manager provides stable support for your business.

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