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No marketing manager, no matter how competent, can know every single advertising tool. Sometimes, there is simply not enough time to plan and implement everything a marketing strategy involves. We have all been there: there is simply not enough time, certain knowledge or skills to do the necessary tasks. More than once we have come to the conclusion that some problems should be dealt with only by highly qualified professionals, such as forming a semantic core for contextual advertising, advert targeting or preparing a booklet for printing.
The Marketing Assistant is our comprehensive marketing outsourcing proposal that has been developed for just such a purpose: providing marketing managers with quality help of highly specialized professionals.

The Marketing Assistant is an entire team of extra hands and brains, a single quality alternative to several contractors and a well-organized workflow with detailed reporting and performance analytics, accessible via a single account. By accepting our offer, your marketing manager becomes a coordinator and supervisor, while our professionals take over planning and performing functions.

The Marketing Assistant services include:

  • Developing a media plan to promote a service / product / special offer
  • Working with contextual advertising, targeted banner advertising, targeted social advertising and SEO promotion
  • Working with the company website (content generation, website administration and visualization)
  • Visual design and layout design, covering every step along the way from the initial idea to posting or printing
  • Reporting on performance and budget (plan/actual format)

This list is not exhaustive. Much more than simply performing tasks, the Marketing Assistant advises and consults on seasonal changes in customer behavior, more productive messages, target audience insights to appeal to, which print shop has better or cheaper materials etc. Although away from your office, the Marketing Assistant is fully engaged in all processes to meet all the requirements of the client and produce quality results.

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